“1-9” .. Mortada Mansour reveals the scenes of Ferreira's dismissal from Zamalek's training

Updated Wednesday 1/25/2023 11:Fifty three AM Abu Dhabi time Mortada Mansour, President of the Egyptian club Zamalek, revealed the scenes of the decision to dismiss Portuguese Josevaldo Ferreira from his position as coach of the team. Mortada Mansour announced the dismissal of the technical staff of Zamalek, led by Ferreira, after losing to Ghazl El Mahalla (1-2), on Tuesday evening, in the 15th round of the Egyptian League, to end the second term of the 76-year-old veteran coach. Behind the scenes of Ferreira’s dismissal from Zamalek training Mortada Mansour revealed the scenes of the decision to dismiss Ferreira from Zamalek training, in statements he made on the club’s channel early Wednesday morning. With the policy of penalty kicks.. behind the scenes of Mbappe becoming the captain of Paris Saint-Germain, the president of Zamalek said: “The decision to dismiss Ferreira came after a 9-1 vote among the members of the club’s board of directors, and the only member who had reservations justified his position due to the coach’s penalty clause.” He added, “The decision was agreed upon, whatever the outcome of the Ghazl El-Mahalla match, and we agreed on it after the unnatural and expected loss against Al-Ahly, but the announcement was postponed due to lack of time and the team traveled to El-Mahalla.” And he added, “Ferreira is a respected coach, and we will hold a ceremony to honor him, and he will receive all his financial dues.” What did Ben Nasser present with Milan against Lazio?.. Another sad night, and he added: “But what happened to Ferrera is not normal. The competitors resorted to magic to destroy his career with Zamalek, and you notice that he is becoming stubborn with himself, and his character has changed, especially after the death of his wife’s son.” And he concluded: “Ferreira, who we know, is no longer. You feel that he is losing focus on the field. He starts correctly and then makes mistakes like the Al-Ahly match, and in other matches, he makes mistakes and then corrects his mistakes, as happened in front of Al-Mahalla.” Mortada Mansour threatens Zamalek players Mortada Mansour moved on to talk about Zamalek players, sending very strong messages: “Whoever wants to leave the club brings an official offer, and I will accept it immediately.” Al-Nasr Al-Saudi writes the scenario for Cristiano Ronaldo’s retirement, and he continued: “Whoever will deal as an employee in the club will find a difficult account, as the player earns millions in order to make millions happy.” And he concluded: “Whoever is reckless, I will cut his neck. I will not decide to stop him, but rather fine him financially. Any player who proves his transgression, negligence, or staying up late, I will fine him one million pounds.”

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