21 years after the killing of a Tunisian female journalist, fingers are pointing towards the head of a party

The murder of the Tunisian journalist and director of the state-run “Al-Shabab” radio station, Awatef Hamida, which took place in 2001, resurfaced.

This comes after fingers were pointed at the head of the Republican People’s Union Party and former presidential candidate in the 2019 presidential elections, Lotfi Al-Muraihi, who denied his connection to the crime.

Awatef Hamida, the first Tunisian woman to run state radio throughout its long history, was appointed to this position in August 2001, but after only a few months she left in a shocking and sudden way after she was killed in her home by the “plumber” who had called him to fix a faucet in the kitchen. .

Recently, the Tunisian judiciary decided to reopen the research related to the murder of the Tunisian journalist, Awatif Ben Hamida, who was killed in 2001, according to what was announced by the Tunisian lawyer, Wafaa El-Shazly, who is close to the Tunisian presidency, and who confirmed the involvement of Lotfi Al-Muraihi.

According to preliminary data, the Court of Cassation recently considered a request submitted by the defendant’s lawyer who has been in prison since 2001 to reconsider the case related to the murder of Awatif bin Hamida, based on the emergence of new data, evidence and recordings, according to Al-Shazly.

The case of Awatif Hamida’s murder dates back to 2001, when the accused attempted to rape the victim, but her resistance to him prompted him to hit her on the head with a sharp object, knocking her to the ground, and then dragging her to the bathroom of the house, after he filled the bathtub with water and placed it inside it, then placed it on top of it. Her body is a TV so she can’t survive

At that time, the killing of the radio director shook Tunisian public opinion and made headlines.

The initial accusations were leveled at the head of the Republican People’s Union Party, Lotfi Al-Muraihi, who denied his involvement in the case.

Where Lotfi Al-Mraihi said during his attendance on a Tunisian radio program that his relationship with the director of the youth radio, Awatif Ben Hamida, was purely by chance, as he attended a program to talk about a medical topic, and after the end of the class he met her in her office, and at that time he revealed to her his passion for music. Consolidation of the friendship between them, which developed into a family relationship after Awatef got to know his children and became a friend of the family, he said.

Regarding the day of Awatif Hamida’s death, Al-Muraihi explained that the dead woman was going to come as a guest for breakfast at his house and told his wife that she would prepare the fish in the “coastal way”, indicating that he had gone to spend his affairs with his two sons and was calling Awatif to inquire about the reason for her delay in going home, as she answered him that she was in Waiting for the “plumber” to carry out maintenance work in her house, as he put it.

Al-Maraihi added that he decided to move with his two sons and his friend to the house of Awatif bin Hamida after he called her several times by phone and she did not answer the calls, so he entered the house through the window to find her dead in the bathtub, according to him.

Al-Maraihi explained that he informed the security units about the incident, so that the investigations could start and the accused, the “plumber”, who confessed to killing her with a sharp instrument, was arrested after he dealt her many blows.

Lotfi Mraihi ran for the presidential elections in 2019. He is a politician, writer, and doctor. He founded the Republican People’s Union Party 12 years ago, headed the Music Creativity Association, supervised the management of several cultural festivals, and produced many radio programs.

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