3 possibilities..Why did some people not have the Corona virus at all?

Although the “Corona” virus has swept the world since it appeared in China about 3 years ago, some people did not show symptoms of infection with it.

Scientists specializing in virology attributed this to 3 general possibilities, which is that the person was mistaken and infected with the virus but did not realize it, or that he had not come into contact with it, or that the body had an additional defense mechanism that succeeded in repelling it.

Dr. Lindsay Broadbent, a specialist in virology at the University of Surrey in England, said: “Most of those who say they were not infected with the virus are probably wrong, explaining that they may have been infected but did not show any symptoms.

Broadbent cited her words that some people who work in a high-risk environment, such as nurses, have not been infected at all, according to the BBC.

A study revealed that half of those infected with the “Omicron” mutant did not realize their infection, or attributed the mild symptoms that appeared on them to another reason.

And Mala Maini, a professor of viral immunology at University College London, says that the results of blood tests that come with a negative result may mean that the body has not been infected at all, but it also means that the body formed antibodies to the nuclear capsid, and then it disappeared from the blood, meaning that the person He did not develop a full-blown infection, and had what is called an “aborted infection”.

“Aborted infection” means that the virus targets the person, and it manages to reach the places needed to start the infection, but the body traps it before it spreads.

Blood samples taken from hospital workers before the emergence of “Corona” showed that some of them had what is known as T cells, which combat “Covid” disease in their blood, and these cells work as guards, examining other cells, and if they find an infected cell, they kill it.

“There would be a much better chance that these cells would abort the infection before it spreads if we could get them to stick to the inner regions of the virus and elicit that response in the nose, airways and lungs,” Maini added.

According to the BBC, there are two other possibilities for some people not to be infected with the “Corona” virus, the first is that they stopped mixing with people and therefore were never exposed to it, and the second is the genetic immunity that occurs with other diseases.

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