36 injured after a Hawaiian Airlines flight was subjected to air turbulence

US media revealed that about 36 people were injured, 11 of them seriously, when a Hawaiian Airlines plane was hit.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser newspaper said 36 people were treated by emergency teams and 11 were taken to area hospitals due to the seriousness of their condition.

She added that 9 others are in stable condition, and their injuries range from serious head injuries, lacerations, bruises and loss of consciousness.

For its part, the airline said, in a statement on Twitter, that “Flight HA35 en route from Phoenix to Honolulu experienced severe turbulence and landed safely in Honolulu at 10:50 this morning.”

“Several passengers and crew members were provided medical attention at the airport for minor injuries while some were rushed to hospitals for further care,” it added.

A spokesman for the airline told the Star Advertiser newspaper that the Airbus A330 was carrying 278 passengers and 10 crew when it encountered severe turbulence as it approached the islands.

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