4 European countries are chasing the “scorpion”.. What is the story?

With agreements and security restrictions, the old continent is trying to close its borders to illegal immigrants who dream of a “European paradise”, which “will end their pain.”

However, access to that “European Paradise” goes through many turns that are rarely crossed by anyone except for those with great luck, to find on the other side of the sea that he tried to explore its depths, refugee camps, or security authorities standing in wait for him.

Between the migrants’ attempts to taste the fruits of the “European Paradise”, and the efforts of European countries to control the scene of illegal immigration, human smugglers stand in the middle of the road, trying to delude those wishing to migrate that the road to the impossible is not long, and they only have to pay to cross.

One of these human smugglers was the “scorpion”, which European investigators from France, Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands have been trying for years to trace any trace of this smuggler, who is considered the mastermind of a wide network of smugglers, accused of trying to smuggle about 100 immigrants to the United Kingdom.

In an attempt to apprehend him, the British Anti-Crime Agency “NCA” published a statement a few days ago in which it spoke of its cooperation with the Belgian police to search for the mastermind of an organized gang responsible for smuggling about 100 migrants in small boats and trucks towards the United Kingdom, according to the “migrant news” website.

The agency attached its publication to a picture of a person taken from the “WhatsApp” application, which it said was the wanted smuggler, nicknamed “Scorpion”, noting that the investigators found on the migrants’ phones a phone number under the pseudonym “Scorpion”, meaning “Scorpion” in English.

Who is this smuggler nicknamed “Scorpion”?

  • His name is Barzan Kamal Majeed, an Iraqi national, at the age of 36.
  • He has moved to the UK since 2013 and lives in Hucknall, Nottingham.
  • He was deported from the United Kingdom in 2015 to the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.
  • UK Crime Agency believes Majeed still has connections in Nottingham.
  • Investigators monitored 31 crossings of illegal immigrants attributed to the “Scorpio” network.
  • Last October, a Belgian court sentenced “Scorpion” in absentia to 10 years in prison and a fine of 968,000 euros.
  • In October 2021, the British “Hall Crown” court convicted a accomplice of Scorpio, named Nizar Jabbar Muhammad, also (Iraqi national), who is 35 years old, after he confessed to attempting to smuggle 21 immigrants to the United Kingdom using trucks and small boats.

joint European investigation

The joint European investigation (French, British, Dutch, Belgian), which opened in 2021, aims to investigate the smuggling of about 100 illegal immigrants on board small boats, trucks and shipping containers between July 2018 and November 2019.

For his part, the head of Britain’s National Crime Agency, Martin Clark, said, “Migrant smuggling networks usually cross international borders,” noting that “international cooperation is necessary to eradicate them.”

Clark, he added that “anyone anywhere with information on the whereabouts of Barzan Kamal Majeed should contact us or immediately contact the Belgian authorities,” noting that “although he was convicted in absentia, real justice will only be served when he returns to Belgian soil.” to serve a prison sentence.”

Britain had announced that more than 40,000 immigrants crossed the English Channel into its territory this year, in a new record for the number of illegal immigrants, despite Britain and France signing a new agreement to work to stop the departure of immigrants from Paris towards London across the English Channel.

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