68 days.. Why do Bundesliga clubs get a big break?

Each year, the German Bundesliga teams have a significantly longer rest period, compared to the rest of the major European leagues. And in 2022, the end of which witnessed the holding of the World Cup in Qatar, for the first time away from the summer, the rest period in the Bundesliga increased than usual. The rest period in the Bundesliga was 68 full days, specifically from November 13 to January 20. From Highbury to Olympic Munich.. the 7 most famous historical stadiums for European clubs, and the “Bundesliga” matches will return, with Red Bull Leipzig meeting hosts Bayern Munich, the defending champions and leaders, at the Red Bull Arena on January 20. It is noteworthy that the rest period in other European leagues did not exceed a month and a half, including the 2022 World Cup period. Why is the rest period in the German Bundesliga so long? The official website of the “Bundesliga” stated in a report that the reasons for the long winter break in the German championship are “many.” . The first reason is the need to give players and clubs an opportunity to recharge their energies before returning to matches and training on a daily basis. Surprise and mystery about Manuel Neuer’s injury..Does he have to retire? But there is another matter related to the weather, as the average temperature this month in Germany is below freezing in all parts of the country. As the Bundesliga website puts it: “It is easier to kick snowballs than to pass a soccer ball, and matches may require sleds.” And temperatures in the German capital, Berlin, during the current period reach one degree Celsius. When is the rest period in the Bundesliga? The rest period in the German League usually takes place after the end of the first round matches, i.e. round 17, where 18 teams participate in the competition. The winter rest period in Germany is 6 weeks, and it may be shorter when the tournament starts late as a result of an international summer tournament such as the World Cup or the Euro. The magic of the World Cup.. Ronaldo’s successor robs the English throne of Halland, but the situation in the current season 2022-2023 was different, as the rest exceeded two months due to the holding of the World Cup at the end of the autumn season. The German championship stopped at round 15, where the 16th week matches will be held from January 20 to 22, and then the 17th round matches on the 24th and 25th of the same month. The second round will start on January 27, with a meeting between Leipzig and Stuttgart, at the opening of the 18th week of the competition.

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