A heartbreaking accident in Jordan.. A groom died 10 days after his wedding

A heartbreaking accident took place in Al-Balqa Governorate in Jordan, following the death of a groom 10 days after his wedding, suffocation of heating gas, while his wife entered intensive care.

The death of the groom, Muhammad Arabiyat, caused a state of grief among his relatives, friends and all those who knew him, and their pages on social networking sites were blackened in grief over his passing.

Abeer Jabaji, the mother of Arabiyat’s wife, mourned her deceased daughter’s husband with touching words on her Facebook page, asking: “Where did you go, Muhammad, and leave us behind?”

And she said, “Yesterday we lost my daughter’s groom. We welcomed him as a groom and bid him farewell to an angel. O bright moon, which soon took possession of the sky. To illuminate your love, your nobility, your giving, and your wonderful smile in the darkness of the night.”

And she continued, “Your wedding pictures have not yet been prepared, and we are waiting for them eagerly, and the decorations of your wedding are hanging around the house. How much were you planning for what you would do on the honeymoon, but it was the countdown to the day of separation.”

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