A huge leap.. What is the percentage of Argentina winning the 2022 World Cup?

The Argentina national team grabbed the sympathy of many football fans, during its career in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, because of the legendary Lionel Messi.

After a lackluster start and a resounding fall that was not taken into account by losing 1-2 against Saudi Arabia, the Latin team regained its balance and achieved a series of victories that led it to the golden square.

In a dramatic and exciting evening against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals, the Argentines achieved a victory that will remain in the minds, and despite a 2-0 lead, the “mills” team snatched a fatal draw in the final seconds of the match.

But the penalty shootout smiled again at Messi against the Netherlands, after an epic semi-final between them also in the 2014 Brazil edition.

According to the “Opta” network for numbers and statistics, the Argentine national team was completely far ahead of the candidates for the title this year, with a rate of 38.88%.

Only 6 teams remain in the World Cup, which are Argentina and Croatia, and implicitly qualifying for the Golden Square, with Morocco, Portugal, France and England.

The contract for the finalists to the round of four will be completed after the end of the two matches on Saturday between the aforementioned teams.

In second place came France with 15.26%, then England with 15.14%, equally with Portugal, followed by Morocco with 15.14% and finally Croatia sixth with 12.40%.

Messi and his companions hope to win the first World Cup title in Argentine history since 1986, and the third in general.

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