A new Houthi crime in the manner of ISIS.. killing a young man and mutilating his corpse


A new Houthi crime in the manner of ISIS.. killing a young man and mutilating his corpse

Al-Houthi militia killed a young man and mutilated his corpse in Ibb governorate, central Yemen, following in the footsteps of the terrorist organization ISIS.

The crime took place in the city of Yarim, north of Ibb Governorate, on Tuesday, after Houthi elements led by “Abu Harb Ghallab” opened fire on the young man, “Ahmed Wasel”, who was a worker in a shop, according to a human rights source for “Al-Ain news”.

The source stated that the Houthi militants not only killed the young man, who refused to pay taxes to the militias, but also mutilated his body and mutilated his face.

The crime caused a violent shock in the city of Yarim, and prompted dozens of citizens to go out in mass protests to condemn the heinous crime committed by the Houthi militia.

The protesters chanted slogans calling for the arrest of the perpetrator, and others calling for the departure of the Houthi militia, including “No Houthi after today,” while the militia members of the so-called “Yarim Security” dispersed the protesters by force of arms.

“The Houthi militia arrested more than 200 citizens of the Yarim district after they went out in demonstrations to demand the extradition of the Houthi leader, “Abu Harb,” who is close to the so-called “Yarim security director” called “Abu Attan,” according to the source.

He pointed out that the Houthi militia, after brutally killing the young man, imprisoned nearly 200 angry citizens, who demanded that the perpetrators be held accountable, in solitary confinement and collectively in a compound human crime.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms condemned the crime and considered it “a heinous crime that reflects the brutal image of the criminal Houthi militia.”

“We condemn and denounce in the strongest terms the criminal act carried out by the Houthi leader, Abu Harb, in Yarim district in Ibb, by killing citizen Ahmed Abdullah Wasel (25 years old), mutilating his body in a brutal manner, and suppressing and arresting the angry,” it said.

The Houthi militia is working to commit shocking and violent crimes, with the aim of spreading terror and fear and subjecting people to its sectarian project, as reports recorded thousands of similar terrorist crimes committed by the Houthis against opponents since the coup in late 2014.

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