A talisman that does not disappoint.. How did Moroccan stars benefit from the presence of their mothers in the World Cup?


A talisman that does not disappoint.. How did Moroccan stars benefit from the presence of their mothers in the World Cup?

The presence of the mothers of the Moroccan national team players has become an icon of optimism in every step taken by the “Atlas Lions” on their dreamy journey in the World Cup.

Morocco national team He reached the semi-finals World Cup 2022as the best Arab and African achievement in the history of the World Cup, and among the icons that characterized the participation of the “Atlas Lions” in that edition, the celebration of the players with their mothers on the field after each victory.

Pictures spread of Ashraf Hakimi’s celebration with his mother after the Belgium match in the group stage, and the scene was repeated after each victory, whether against Canada at the end of the group matches, or after the epic against Spain in the round of 16.

And the matter became widespread among the majority of the Moroccan national team players, as the mothers of most of the “Atlas Lions” players attended to add aesthetic scenes to the celebration, which touched the hearts of all followers.

Ashraf Hakimi and his mother

The presence of mothers in Qatar was the brainchild of technical director Walid Rekragui, and after continuous discussions with the Moroccan Football Federation and the players, it was decided to implement the idea.

The Moroccan coach said in press statements: “There were ideas about repeating the experience of the previous World Cup and bringing in the players’ mothers, and after continuous discussions, it was decided to bring them to Qatar.”

Rekragui added, “If positive results are achieved, the idea will be praised, but if the matter goes in a negative direction, criticism will begin. In the end, it is the players’ desire to feel the presence of their mothers on the field.”

According to the Moroccan coach, the matter revolves around the idea of ​​a family atmosphere, and the transfer of this positive atmosphere from outside the stadium and from the vicinity of the camp to the heart of the stadium.

More than just winning

The players’ pride in their mothers, kissing their hands, and strengthening them is a concluding scene for a series of events in the story of each player, and the mother may have determined this path towards participating in a historic achievement for Morocco.

By Hakim Ziyech’s admission, his mother was the reason for saving him from the fate of deviation and directing him to a distinguished career in the stadiums.

Moroccan mothers celebrate the World Cup

And Achraf Hakimi is not ashamed of the fact that his mother has worked as a domestic helper in order to contribute to his dream of playing football.

Factors that made these players prefer to choose to play for the mother country, Morocco, as a preference over the country in which they grew up, as their parents sought to search for a better life before they were born.

It is worth noting that Walid Al-Rakraki’s mother also came to support her son and his players in the World Cup stadiums in Qatar, and she was a witness to his historic achievement.

Walid Al-Rakraki celebrates with his mother

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