A warning of “sudden weather” for a week in Egypt… it reaches frost


A warning of “sudden weather” for a week in Egypt… it reaches frost

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority warned citizens of a sudden drop in temperatures, starting from Saturday, December 3, until Thursday, corresponding to the eighth of the same month.

And a statement issued by the Meteorological Authority, on Friday, stated that temperatures are expected to drop gradually during the night hours in all parts of the country.

The authority indicated that the weather reaches frost in some areas, including the cities of Nakhl and St. Catherine, which are expected to record 5 degrees Celsius.

It is also expected that the cities of Salloum and Siwa will record 9 degrees Celsius during the night hours, while the New Valley will record 8 degrees Celsius.

There are favorable chances of rain on Saturday on the northern coasts at intermittent intervals, while cold weather prevails in the early morning, with moderate heat during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and northern Upper Egypt, and pleasant on the northern coasts.

Hot weather prevails in South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt, which tends to be cold at night in most parts.

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