A “water heater” kills 6 members of one family in Algeria

Updated Tuesday 1/17/2023 03:51 PM Abu Dhabi time The Algerian Civil Protection announced the death of 6 members of one family in the capital, from poisoning with carbon monoxide gas emitted from the water heater. This brings the number of deaths due to such accidents in Algeria to 27 since the beginning of the year. A heinous crime in Iraq.. A woman kills her husband with the help of his daughter. In a statement to state television, First Lieutenant Khaled bin Khalaf Allah said that the Civil Protection intervened on Sunday evening at 11:24 at night in the municipality of El Calitos to evacuate the bodies of 6 people from the same family, namely the father and mother, and 4 children, all of whom died as a result Inhalation of carbon monoxide gas emitted from the water heater. He pointed out that the bodies were in a stage of putrefaction, and according to the testimony of the neighbors, family members had not appeared for at least 4 days, “according to Agence France-Presse. Since the beginning of the year, 27 people have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, 17 of them on one day last week, according to him.” The Civil Protection, which announces daily interventions to save about 100 people who inhaled the deadly gas emitted either from heaters or water heaters in particular.The Civil Protection spokesman, Captain Nassim Bernawi, confirmed that the year 2022 witnessed the death of 103 people due to the same reason.

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