Abu Dhabi Corniche embraces modern rowing competitions

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club, the club will organize the activities of the first round of the UAE Modern Rowing Championship on Saturday, under the supervision and technical support of the Emirates Marine Sports Federation, in a distinct and integrated panel in which 5 clubs specialized in the sport participate. Modern rowing from across the Emirates.


Majid Al Muhairi

The event is witnessing the participation of 60 male and female competitors from the clubs: Abu Dhabi, the British Club, Al Hamriya, Monti Rowing Club, and the Ras Al Khaimah Club, in one of the important gatherings for modern rowing. Eleven thirty in the morning, then the second phase begins at four thirty in the afternoon, and continues until four in the afternoon, and is immediately followed by the ceremony of crowning the winners and the first through the competition.

The competition includes about 16 different categories of modern rowing, between individual, double and quad categories, as well as different age groups that will present a strong competitive board on a track of approximately 1,000 meters, starting from the Corniche to the beach of the club, where the finish line was set.

Majid Al Muhairi, Director of the Racing Department at the club, confirmed that the first rounds of the modern rowing championship are of great value and importance to the marine clubs participating in the event. The various sports that are organized through the club and the various teams in the school, and through the modern rowing championship, the focus will be doubled in order to reach the ideal and required results through a continuous and continuous program for this category.

Majid Al Muhairi confirmed that the modern sailing tournaments will be continuous on a consistent approach through the Maritime Club, in order to reach the required and desired levels by organizing modern tournaments. He said: “In addition to modern rowing, there are many categories that the club intends to organize during the next season, as there will be special tournaments. For modern sailing, it will also be included in the Olympic sports as well.

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