After bloody bombings.. an emergency security meeting for the Prime Minister of Somalia

Politics after bloody bombings.. An emergency security meeting for the Prime Minister of Somalia Updated Wednesday 1/4/2023 06:45 PM Abu Dhabi time Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Berri chaired, on Wednesday, a high-level emergency meeting on the country’s security. The meeting coincided with suicide bombings that hit civilian and military sites in Hiran province, central Somalia, leaving about 45 dead and wounded. 19 dead in two simultaneous attacks in central SomaliaSomalia appoints an electoral committee to complete the seats in ParliamentThe meeting discussed the war on terrorism, lifting the arms embargo imposed on Somalia, in addition to important laws in the security path of the country. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministers of Interior, Defense and Homeland Security, as well as the heads of the army, intelligence and police. The Prime Minister’s Office said, in a statement after the meeting, that “Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Berri chaired a meeting to discuss the security situation in the country, and the arms embargo imposed on Somalia for a long time.” The statement added that “officials from the Ministries of Defense and Homeland Security talked about the liberation operations and the government’s achievements, especially in the states of Galmudug and Hershbilly.” During the meeting, the Prime Minister indicated that his government is committed to eradicating Al-Shabaab, noting that more than 2,000 terrorists have been killed over the past four months. He also said that “the government will make an effort to succeed in lifting the arms embargo on the country.” During the meeting, officials suggested the formation of a two-level committee, namely an executive committee and a technical committee that works to implement the planned goals of the Somali government to ensure the country’s complete lifting of the arms embargo, as it will work to implement the goals of the Somali government, to accomplish that task within one year only. According to the statement, during the meeting, draft laws for the National Security and Intelligence Service, combating terrorism, and the Somali Immigration and Nationality Agency were discussed. These laws and institutions are considered the backbone in defeating terrorism and restoring the security services their legal authority to carry out their tasks in preserving the security of the country.

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