After deducting 15 points .. When will Juventus officially lose the Italian League title?

Updated Saturday 1/21/2023 02:15 PM Abu Dhabi time Juventus club received a painful blow on its way to regaining the Italian League title this season 2022-2023, after deducting 15 full points from its score. The decision came as a result of a number of club officials achieving illegal financial gains during the last period. Will he make the impossible?.. 3 exciting challenges await Ronaldo with victory. Based on this decision, Juventus fell from third to tenth in the Italian league standings with 22 points, a full 25 points behind leaders Napoli (47). When does Juventus officially lose the Italian league title? 18 rounds have been held so far in the Italian League, and each team has 20 matches left until the end of the current season. Juventus currently has 22 points, and if it wins all the remaining matches, which is theoretically difficult, it will raise its score to a maximum of 82 points. Leader Napoli needs 12 wins during the last 20 matches, to raise its score to 83 points, and here it will be confirmed that Juventus will not be crowned the title officially. A “principled decision.” How does Juventus plan after deducting 15 points? Although the matter is also difficult in theory, Napoli will win the next 12 matches, and Juventus will officially lose the title on the evening of Sunday, April 16, 2023. “Juve” needs a real miracle in order to regain the title, which was absent from its coffers during the last two seasons, in favor of Inter Milan. And Milan, respectively. The appearance of Cristiano Ronaldo.. 9 matches write a fiery end to the month of January, and Juventus sits on the list of the most crowned champions in the Italian League, with 36 times, with a wide difference from Milan and Inter, its closest pursuers, and they have 19 titles so far. On the other hand, Napoli hopes to win the Italian League title for the first time since the 1989-1990 season and the third in its history in general.

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