After defeating Sweden, Belmadi opens fire on the Algerian duo


After defeating Sweden, Belmadi opens fire on the Algerian duo

Djamel Belmadi, coach of the Algerian national team, appeared, lamenting after the loss suffered by the “Khidr” at the hands of Sweden.

The “Desert Warriors” were unable to withstand Sweden in the city of Malmö, where they fell friendly 0-2, having played since the 35th minute, numerically deficient after the expulsion of Rami Ben Sebaini.

Djamel Belmadi spoke at the press conference after the match, saying: “Until Ramy was expelled, we were going to present an acceptable level, but things turned upside down later.”

He added: “The referee announced a penalty kick, I do not know if it was correct, but Ahmed Touba was injured, and his mouth was bleeding, after the attacker intervened on him, after which things were easier for Sweden, which already has great capabilities.”

And he continued in the same context: “In the second goal shot, Ahmed Touba made a huge mistake, allowing the opponent to score, but I am not here to blame the players, I am just explaining what happened.”

He added, “Ben Sebaini today, I cannot praise him, because he did not do anything positive. He is a good and integrated player, but he disappointed today.”

And he concluded: “A player like Rayan Ait Nouri will be a good addition to the Algerian national team in the left-back position. I do not say this because Ben Sebaini was not at the level today, but I refer to that as he will be with us starting from the next camp.”

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