Al-Ain News spends a day with 57357 children: We dream of continuing the hospital

Updated Friday 12/30/2022 07:42 AM Abu Dhabi time In the eyes of cancer warriors at Children’s Hospital “57357”, there is a lot of hope, little ambition, and a measure of fear for the fate of the hospital. The echoes of the financial crisis afflicting the hospital reached the children’s ears, changing their mood, but not weakening their determination to fight the disease. Al-Ain news conducted a tour of Hospital 57357 in the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. I heard from the children and their families about their conditions, the level of service and their hopes. 3 experts refute to “Al-Ain news” the controversial statements of the head of 57357, Salah.. the journey of leukemia recurrence, “I myself will recover (recover) and be like my friends.” The child, Salah Sayed (7 years), begins his speech, praising the level of service in the hospital and the screen of doctors and nurses. Salah, a second-grade student, says: “I have been receiving treatment for 5 years, and the hospital is nice and the doctors are nice.” The child, who resides in the Beni Suef governorate in central Egypt, revealed his hobbies, including drawing and playing with colors, which he satiates in the drawing room of the hospital, indicating that his last paintings were of a bird and a lion. Salah’s mother says that her child completed the treatment protocol and fully recovered from the disease, before returning to it about a month ago, and is now undergoing a new treatment protocol, so he was re-booked in the hospital. Salah’s mother: Where do poor children go? The mother recounted her son’s sick history, saying: “We discovered the disease in Bayad al-Arab Hospital in Beni Suef, and after 4 months of diagnosis and treatment, it was revealed that Salah had leukemia, and it was decided to transfer him to 57357.” Salah was complaining of pain in the abdomen and feet, and the doctors thought he was suffering from tonsillitis, and his mother says: “Praise be to God, they are satisfied with the judgment of our Lord, and the doctors, workers and nurses are here in the best condition.” Salah’s mother appealed to everyone to donate to the hospital: “Not because of my son. My son is a little old, but there are small children. I saw them and was devastated and upset with them. Where would the poor children go if the hospital was closed?” And she concluded her speech by saying: “The hospital cannot be closed, there are people who do not have to be treated. My husband is a daily worker and he has cartilage and does not work all the time. I hope that whoever has him will donate, and oh Lord, no one feels the pain that we are in, and may God heal everyone.” Ruqaya: I prefer the hospital to be open. When Al-Ain news asked her about her wish in life, the 8-year-old girl Ruqaya said in a shy voice: “I prefer the hospital to be open.” She also wants to become a doctor to treat young children. Ruqaya has been receiving treatment at 57357 since it was discovered that she had leukemia in September 2021, and the daughter of the Sayeda Zeinab neighborhood in Cairo says: “The hospital is very sweet, the doctors are good and the food is beautiful.” Wafa Sayed, Ruqaya’s maternal grandmother, revealed the details of her detention: “Ruqayya was put on a waiting list, and we resorted to many mediations in order to speed up her admission, but the hospital does not recognize this method, and we waited until her turn came.” Ruqaya’s grandmother: Prince Zai al-Ghafir, and grandmother Ruqayya says: “Since her detention in the hospital, things are going as they should be. The grandmother indicated that her granddaughter is in the third grade of elementary school at the Nuns School in Cairo, but she is prohibited from going to her school according to the doctors’ instructions: “We bring her teachers at home, to prevent mixing and preserve her immunity.” Mrs. Wafa touched on the donation crisis: “The children and the hospital staff do not deserve this predicament. Everything is perfect here. There is no discrimination between one child and another, and no offense to anyone. I hope that philanthropists will not stop donating to the hospital.” And she praised the level of service in the hospital: “57357 is unparalleled in cleanliness, and we choose food daily from the menu, and if the child’s condition deteriorates by half a degree, the emergency department rushes to the room to deal with the condition, and may God reward them with goodness.” Ibrahim’s father fights back his tears in the ward treating children with leukemia. Ibrahim Ramadan, 16 years old, sits with a shaved head and a smile that does not leave his lips, to inspire hope and reassurance in the hearts of his roommate and his peers in the ward. Ibrahim says that he came to the hospital last year, and was detained for forty eight days, and he comes regularly to receive doses, and he adds: “The service is good and the doctors are all excellent, from old to young, and the treatment is sweet, praise be to God.” In his speech, Ibrahim’s father conquered his tears, saying: “He has leukemia for a year, and we contacted the hospital after discovering the disease, and after only 4 days on the waiting list he was detained, and thank God he did not receive treatment outside 57.” Ibrahim’s father concluded: “We do not encounter problems here, and may God help the hospital.” Adel’s father: Everything here is good Adel Ahmed (10 years old) Ibrahim Ramadan shares the same room, and praises the level of services: “Everything here is good, and we come to the hospital to take the dose, and the people, doctors and nurses here are good and nice.” His father, who resides in the Qalyubia governorate in northern Egypt, says: “Adel underwent surgery in the gland, and by analyzing the sample, it was found that he had leukemia, and it was decided to transfer him to here, and the procedures were quick, and we got a bed without delay.” And he concluded: “Adel did not receive treatment for cancer abroad, thank God, and he gets his treatment here regularly and without delay, and the service is good, and the people here are better than our sisters,” calling on everyone to donate to treat the largest possible number of patients.

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