Ambitious goals dominate the second day of the CEO conference

Ambition dominated the sessions of the second day of the eighth CEO conference, which was organized by the “Al Mal GTM” company on the 4th and 5th of this December, so that the participating officials and businessmen set great targets that are expected to be reached during the coming period, despite the presence of major challenges that must be faced.

In the field of tourism, plans were revealed to empower the private sector, increase the number of arrivals at large rates, and double the hotel capacity, in addition to adopting advanced methods of promotion that include targeting countries interested in the Egyptian destination while preserving the available resources.

The future plans of the Ministry of Tourism, revealed by Ahmed Eissa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, also include facing a set of challenges, the first of which is to provide greater access to the Egyptian tourist destination and double the capacity of aircraft in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, as well as improving the experience of tourists and raising the quality of services provided.

As for the money market, the conference sessions witnessed a state of optimism in the presence of desires for registration from private entities, as well as shedding light on new investment prospects such as the carbon certificates and derivatives markets, in addition to promotional plans from the Egyptian Stock Exchange to activate the market and work to increase trading values.

In the real estate sector, a group of challenges facing the field was identified, represented by the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Egyptian pound, in addition to the growth of interest on loans granted by banks.

Despite these challenges, the participants confirmed that there is a great interest from foreign investors, especially from the Gulf countries, to be present in the Administrative Capital, in light of the mega projects it is witnessing.

While optimism dominated the telecommunications and technology sector, confirming that pioneers in the field have an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from the liberalization of the exchange rate by exporting services to global markets and bringing hard currency.

As for the third session, it witnessed important discussions about opportunities to localize the local industry in various production fields, and the steps and incentives required to encourage investors, in addition to listing the obstacles facing the industrial sectors, especially bureaucracy and the provision of lands.

The speakers identified a number of opportunities that can be worked on to localize the industry, most notably in the fields of producing some types of components, raw materials and production requirements on which local factories depend.

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