An Egyptian woman joins her only son 3 days after his death, grieving for him

An Egyptian woman from Sharkia governorate could not bear the death of her son who was sick with cancer, so she followed him after 3 days of grief.

The sad story was witnessed by the city of Zagazig in the governorate located in the northern part of Egypt, so that the city’s streets and social networking sites turned into something like a great condolence.

The young man, who bears the name “Shadi Waheed”, was announced last Monday, after a struggle with cancer, while his funeral was held in the family cemetery.

Shadi’s mother remained in a state of grief that lasted for 3 days before she joined her second son, as her eldest son died 20 years ago by drowning in the coastal governorate of Alexandria.

And the mother entered into a state of great grief that ended with her death, leaving a will to be buried next to her son.

The mother passed away in the early hours of Friday morning to join her son, while the procedures for obtaining the burial permit were completed, and the family moved the body to the navel cemetery in Gharbia Governorate, in implementation of the mother’s will to be buried next to the body of her son, to whom she was attached and died of grief over him.

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