An unforgettable World Cup match .. Cristiano Ronaldo ignites the “Battle of Nuremberg”


An unforgettable World Cup match .. Cristiano Ronaldo ignites the “Battle of Nuremberg”

The 2006 World Cup in Germany witnessed an unforgettable match from the World Cup records, later dubbed the “Battle of Nuremberg”.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is almost upon us, with the semi-finals approaching and the quarter-final stage closing on Saturday evening.

Battle of Nuremberg

The 2006 World Cup witnessed a struggle in the full sense of the word over the green grass, in a dramatic match between the Netherlands and Portugal in the round of sixteen, and no one expected the identity of the qualifier for the quarter-finals.

That match was moderated by the Russian referee, Valentin Ivanov, who issued 20 colored cards at once to the players of the two teams, in a record that has not been repeated so far in the World Cup.

Yellow cards were distributed between 9 for the Portuguese team, compared to 7 for the Netherlands, in addition to two expulsions for each, bringing the total to 20 cards.

In a statement, most notably the official FIFA website, Luis Philippe Scolari, Portugal coach at the time, recalled his memories of that match, and said that it was “far from fair play.”

He said, “After only 5 minutes had passed, Khaled Boulahrouz (the former Netherlands player) committed a mistake against Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal star), and because of him, the latter was forced to leave the stadium in an incident that paved the way for later clashes between the players here and there.”

And he concluded, “In the end, we achieved the most important thing and qualified for the quarter-finals thanks to Manish’s goal,” noting that Portugal reached the semi-finals before losing to France, to settle for fourth place in the World Cup behind Germany.

The funny thing is that the Portugal national team in general only got 3 yellow cards during its next two matches against England and France in the World Cup, after a fierce battle in Bavaria in front of the “mills”.

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