At the expense of Argentina and France.. Will the World Cup witness a new champion?


At the expense of Argentina and France.. Will the World Cup witness a new champion?

The 2022 World Cup entered its final stages, after the championship train reached the semi-final stage, two steps away from determining the champion.

The fans are impatiently waiting for the two semi-final matches of the World Cup Qatar 2022, in order to know the identity of the two sides of the final match of the version that many consider to be among the best in the history of the tournament, if not the best ever.

The 2022 World Cup witnessed many surprises from its inception until reaching the semi-finals, with many major teams falling into the trap of sudden defeats, as well as bidding farewell to some of them early, or in a dramatic way, which added more excitement and fun to the atmosphere of the tournament.

The teams qualified for the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup

4 teams qualified for the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar: Croatia, the runners-up of the last edition of the World Cup “Russia 2018”, Argentina and Morocco, the biggest surprises of the tournament, and France, the defending champion.

The qualification process of the 4 teams, especially Morocco, witnessed many surprises, which included the sudden farewell of several major teams to the tournament, contrary to expectations.

In light of the arrival of the 4 aforementioned teams, the masses are wondering about the possibility of the World Cup witnessing a new champion, as there are two teams within the quartet who have never won the title, namely Croatia and Morocco, while Argentina and France were crowned with two titles each.

World Cup winning teams

The list of teams crowned the World Cup includes 8 teams, led by Brazil, which won 5 titles in the tournament, followed by Germany and Italy with 4 titles.

2002 World Cup champion Brazil

Next on the list are Uruguay, Argentina and France with two titles each, then England and Spain with one title each.

What did the Moroccan national team present in its previous participation in the World Cup?

The Moroccan national team has recorded its appearance in the World Cup 5 previous times, before the Qatar World Cup 2022, which witnessed its sixth appearance in the tournament throughout its history.

The Atlas Lions began their participation in the World Cup in Mexico 1970, where they were eliminated from the groups after receiving two defeats against Germany (1-2) and Peru (0-3), in exchange for a 1-1 draw with Bulgaria.

The second participation was in the 1986 edition, and it bore a historical character as well, after the Moroccan national team managed to reach the final price as the first African and Arab representative to achieve this at the time, by leading its group that included Poland, England and Portugal, where it tied negatively with the first two before winning 3-1 against the last one.

In the final price, the Atlas Lions collided with Germany, and they held out for more than 85 minutes, before losing with a fatal goal, to lose the opportunity to advance further.

In the 1994 edition, the Moroccan national team was eliminated from the groups, after receiving 3 defeats against Belgium (0-1), Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands (1-2) .. While the team was close to achieving a new achievement in the 1998 edition in France, after it achieved a victory over Scotland 3- 0, tied with Norway 2-2, lost 0-3 to Brazil, and collected 4 points.

Morocco national team in the 1986 World Cup

The Atlas Lions were on the verge of qualifying had it not been for the suspicious match in which Brazil lost surprisingly and unjustified to Norway 1-2, bringing the latter to 5 points, a point ahead of the Lions and the same behind the samba dancers.

The Moroccan national team missed the next 4 editions of the World Cup, before returning in the 2018 edition in Russia, to be deposited again from the groups after losing to Iran and Portugal 0-1, before drawing with Spain 2-2.

The Arab team wrote history in the World Cup in Qatar, where it reached the semi-finals with merit, as the first Arab and African team to reach this role.

What did the Croatian team present in its previous participation in the World Cup?

On the other hand, and in the same way, the Croatian national team participated in 5 previous editions of the World Cup, starting with its historic first appearance in 1998, which saw it reach the semi-finals, before losing to France, the subsequent champion 1-2, to then beat the Netherlands with the same result. In the match for third place.

In that version, Croatia beat Jamaica 3-1 and Japan 1-0, before losing to Argentina by the same score, to qualify for the final price, where it overthrew Romania (1-0) and Germany (3-0), before losing to the roosters.

Croatia national team in the 2022 World Cup

While the Croats were knocked out of the groups in the next three editions, beginning with 2002 with a loss from Mexico and Ecuador 0-1 despite beating Italy 2-1, then 2006 with a loss from Brazil 0-1 and a draw with Japan 0-0 and Australia 2-2, then 2014 with a loss. From Brazil and Mexico 1-3 and beat Cameroon 0-4.

And in their fifth participation in 2018, the Croatian national team achieved the biggest surprises by reaching the final of the tournament, before losing to France 2-4.

On their way to the final, Luka Modric’s comrades beat Nigeria 2-0, Argentina 3-0, Iceland 2-0, then Denmark and Russia on penalties, before knocking out England from the semi-finals by winning 2-1.

In 2022, the Croatian national team started its campaign with a goalless draw with Morocco, then won 4-1 against Canada, before drawing again with Belgium without goals, then knocked out Japan on penalties from the final price, followed by Brazil in the same way, to set a date with Argentina.

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