“Better than Cameroon”… An Egyptian testimony revives the wounds of the Algerian fans


“Better than Cameroon”… An Egyptian testimony revives the wounds of the Algerian fans

Nader El-Sayed, former Al-Ahly and Zamalek goalkeeper, confirmed that the national teams of Egypt and Algeria were going to present distinguished performances in the 2022 World Cup.

And the “Pharaohs” failed to qualify for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, after falling to Senegal in the decisive round of the qualifiers, amid controversial circumstances, which is the same scenario that the “Desert Warriors” experienced against Cameroon.

The legend of Zamalek told “Foot Africa” ​​by saying: “What is certain for me is that Egypt and Algeria would have made better performances than Senegal and Cameroon if they had participated in the World Cup in Qatar.”

He added, “Algeria, for example, would have made great offers, given that the technical capabilities of its players are much better compared to Cameroon, in addition to the public support that the players would have received in Qatar, which would have pushed them to provide the best possible level.”

He added, “The same applies to Egypt, but some factors such as arbitration prevented both teams from participating in the World Cup, and from my point of view, the current version of the World Cup lost a lot in the absence of the two teams.”

He concluded by saying, “In this World Cup, Morocco, for example, showed that the level difference between the participating teams was not great, as matches were often decided by simple details, especially in light of each team having a group of active players in European leagues.”

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