Between Africa and Asia.. Who is the most successful in the history of the World Cup?


Between Africa and Asia.. Who is the most successful in the history of the World Cup?

The teams of the continents of Africa and Asia have achieved many achievements over the course of their participation in the World Cup tournaments over the past decades.

Asian and African teams, such as South Korea, Cameroon and Senegal, succeeded in writing their name among the adults in the World Cup Over the past years, with historic victories and advanced roles.

But the question remains.. Which continent is the most successful between Africa and Asia, knowing that the number of seats for the brown continent in the World Cup so far is 5 compared to 4 and a half for its yellow counterpart.

History of Africa and Asia in the World Cup

Africa outperforms Asia in the number of victories in the World Cup competitions, with 29 wins compared to 19.

Nigeria and South Korea from Africa and Asia are equal in the list of the most wins with 6 victories each, while Japan comes third with 5 wins.

The Cameroonian and Ghanaian teams each achieved 4 victories, compared to only 3 for Senegal, Algeria and Cote d’Ivoire from Africa.And Saudi Arabia from Asia.

As for Iran and Australia from Asia, they achieved two wins each, the same number of victories as the trio of Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa, while North Korea (from Asia) won once.

Nigeria celebrate their first World Cup victory over Bulgaria in 1994

Best achievement for Africa and Asia in the World Cup

Asia outperforms Africa with regard to qualifying for the semi-finals in the World Cup, during the 2002 edition in South Korea and Japan, an achievement that has plagued Africans throughout the history of the World Cup.

South Korea overcame Italy 2-1 in the final price, then Spain with a penalty shootout, after a goalless draw, to qualify for the golden square 20 years ago at home, losing it 1-0 to Germany.

But the continent of Africa qualified 3 times for the quarter-finals, beginning with Cameroon, which lost 3-2 from England after extra time, then Senegal in 2002, then stumbled 1-0 from Turkey with a silver goal, and finally Ghana, which lost after a 1-1 draw on penalties against Uruguay.

Germany and South Korea in 2002

How many goals for African and Asian teams in the World Cup?

Asian teams scored 100 goals in the World Cups, and South Korea topped the list with 34 goals, then Japan (20), Australia (13) and Saudi Arabia (11).

African teams, for their part, scored 136 goals, giving them the overall lead in that statistic.

But the best African team in terms of attack did not score more than 23 goals, which is Nigeria, followed by Cameroon with 18, then Morocco (14), and then Ghana, Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire and Tunisia with 13 goals each.

Morocco records in Spain in 2018

Who is better defensively between Asia and Africa in the World Cup?

The nets of the Asian teams in the World Cup conceded 253 goals, as South Korea comes at the top of the list by conceding 70 goals, followed by Saudi Arabia with 39, Australia with 31 and Japan with 29.

African teams conceded 229 goals, with Cameroon conceding 43 goals as the worst defense, followed by Nigeria with 30 goals, then Tunisia (25) and Morocco (22).

Saudi Arabia receives a goal from Germany in 2002

What is the biggest African loss in the World Cup?

The biggest loss suffered by an African team in the World Cup was 9-0 to Zaire (currently Democratic Republic of the Congo) against Yugoslavia in the 1974 Germany edition, although Zaire at the time was the champion of the continent.

What is the biggest Asian loss in the World Cup?

The South Korean national team suffered the biggest Asian loss in the history of World Cups in the 1954 Switzerland edition against Hungary, 9-0 in the first round.

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