Between the cohesion of the army and the visit of the French Minister of Defense… Confusion reigns supreme in Lebanon

Politics between the cohesion of the army and the visit of the French Minister of Defense.. Confusion reigns supreme in Lebanon The French Minister of Defense will visit Lebanon, on Friday, in a visit that carries messages from President Macron stressing the need to end the crises in the country. The visit comes at a time when confusion still reigns in the country, which is suffering from successive crises, with the continued failure to reach an agreement on the new president, and the army commander’s assertion of the cohesion of his forces. The Lebanese MTV channel quoted French sources as saying that the visit of French Defense Minister Sebastien Le Corneau will continue until Monday, January 2, during which he will meet with the French forces operating in the international emergency forces. Lebanon is a presidential “secret place”. The French minister visited Lebanon more than once, as he has close relations with a number of political officials and the army leadership. It is expected that Locorno will carry a message from President Macron stressing the necessity of holding presidential elections as soon as possible, forming a government and proceeding with the reform program. The visit comes at a time when Paris is making efforts and contacts to keep pace with the current situation and help Lebanon get out of its crisis. In a related context, the Lebanese Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, affirmed that the army is coherent and capable of continuing, during his inspection of army posts in the outskirts of Brital and the outskirts of Baalbek, east Lebanon. General Aoun said in a speech that “there are thousands of young men who applied for volunteering to join the ranks of the military establishment.” Since last October 31, Lebanon has been living in a presidential vacuum following the end of President Michel Aoun’s term, and since that date, the Lebanese parliament has failed to elect Aoun’s successor over the course of 10 sessions it held for this purpose. And this vacuum began to withdraw little by little on state institutions and apparatuses. Following the resignation of Najib Mikati’s government during parliamentary elections last May, political differences in Lebanon prevented the formation of a new government headed by Mikati, after Parliament again assigned him this task.

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