Biden and the 2024 elections.. “family deliberations” to adjust the decision to run

Is US President Joe Biden running for a second term? The decision will be produced by anticipated “deliberations” with his wife, Jill, during a vacation that he seeks for days.

Biden said that he hopes to have several days as a “vacation” after his next foreign trip, where he will spend several days with his wife, Jill, and his children, and they will discuss at length the issue of his candidacy for a second presidential term.

And Biden had been asked during a press conference, yesterday, Wednesday, whether he intended to run for a second term, and he said that he was in no hurry to announce his decision, and that he hoped to have about a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to find time to talk to his wife about this matter.

He explained that his decision may not be before early next year.

And after he had previously confirmed that the issue of his re-candidacy is at the heart of his “intent”, he returned to say that it was “a family decision in the end.”

“I think everyone wants me to run, but we’ll have discussions about it,” Biden added, referring to his family members.

He confirmed that he was continuing deliberations with his wife, who was sitting in the first row in the hall, stressing that his schedule would not be affected by former President Donald Trump, who had previously spoken of an important and imminent announcement to him, which observers interpreted as announcing the presidential candidacy.

A CNN report said that Biden’s top advisers planned to try for re-election in 2024, although he has not yet decided whether to run again.

And yesterday, Anita Dunn, senior White House adviser, said that planning for a potential campaign is already underway, regardless of Biden’s decision.

Low popularity

Biden, 80, has fallen below 40 percent this week ahead of the midterm elections for US congressmen, a vote that will leave its mark on the legislative agenda of the Biden administration and threaten to derail his platform.

Biden said in his press conference, yesterday, that the midterm elections for Congress are “a good day for democracy,” adding that “they took place without any interference and we lost limited seats in them.”

He noted that the voters “sent a clear message that they want to preserve our democracy.”

While the Republicans are expected to control the next House of Representatives, Biden said he is ready to work with the Republicans on the foreign policy file to “confront Russian aggression against Ukraine.”

He added, “I will not support any Republican bill that raises inflation rates… After attending the G20 summit, I will invite the leaders of both parties to the White House to discuss how we work together.”

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