BMW’s E Ink is ready extra than aesthetics

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Electronic ink tech can digitally alternate a automobile’s exterior to an array of colors and patterns in near proper-time, taking personalization to a new level.

January 21, 2023 12:00 AM

The i Vision Dee thought can stamp as a lot as 32 colors.

BMW’s i Vision Dee thought showcased at CES this month featured a color-altering technology that the automaker might maybe well offer on its production vehicles.

BMW teased a shadowy-and-white application of E Ink technology, currently found out in e-readers, on an iX M60 electrical crossover at CES 2022. Electronic ink can digitally alternate a automobile’s exterior to an array of colors and patterns in seconds — reworking it into a one-of-a-form automobile.

The electrophoretic movie contains microcapsules that are the diameter of a human hair. When stimulated by electrical signals, the technology brings diverse color pigments to the floor, causing the wrap to alternate color.

The corporate is now pondering commercializing the technology developed by MIT-spinoff E Ink Corp. for automobile applications, BMW Project Lead Stella Clarke acknowledged.

BMW’s Stella Clarke working with digital ink technology that will maybe maybe digitally alter a automobile’s exterior color in seconds.

“It is undoubtedly a prototype,” Clarke acknowledged at a media briefing in Munich final 365 days. “Nonetheless since the ardour has been there, and also on chronicle of it’s no longer that some distance off by process of what it desires [regarding] technical specs, we’re coming into into that course. I will assert that for distinct.”

Clarke, an engineer who beforehand worked on dashboard technologies, first applied digital ink to solve the field of glare on the abet of the wheel.

The initial functionality confirmed records in shining sunlight hours, with buttons on the guidance wheel and dashboard seen in any admire cases, she acknowledged.

Clarke’s personnel then adapted E Ink to a automobile’s exterior to stamp records or warn drivers of a disabled automobile.

The i Vision Dee at CES had a customizable exterior movie able to displaying as a lot as 32 colors and a near-infinite diversity of patterns. The bottom was once divided into 240 segments, which is more doubtless to be managed in my belief, allowing an array of patterns to be generated in seconds.

Engineers had adapted the E Ink technology for hooked surfaces and the programming of animations, so the i Vision Dee might maybe well stamp facial expressions in step with spoken instructions, venture the driver’s avatar onto the dwelling windows and ship records, equivalent to automobile divulge of fee.

Electronic ink’s automobile applications run past aesthetics. The chameleon-luxuriate in technology can accumulate emergency vehicles, equivalent to ambulances, extra seen in sunlight hours.

“If your entire automobile would flash red and white, that is mighty extra seen” than lovely blinking lights, Clarke acknowledged.

The technology can also additionally enhance vitality efficiency. Adjusting to a lighter color on a sizzling day or switching to a darker pores and skin on a cloudy day can decrease the usage of the automobile’s air-con.

Unlike displays or projectors, E Ink technology only draws energy when switching color.

“It desires no vitality to care for up a color,” Clarke acknowledged. “I might maybe well pull the lope and it might perhaps perhaps maybe maybe well care for that color.”

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