“Bomb threat” .. an emergency landing of a plane in central Japan

“Bomb threat” policy.. an emergency landing of a plane in central Japan Updated Saturday 1/7/2023 10:58 a.m. Abu Dhabi time A plane landed, Saturday morning, in an emergency in central Japan, without news of any injuries. The Japanese broadcaster, NHK, said, “The plane belonged to Jetstar, and it landed at an airport in the Aichi region in the center of the country.” Horror among the passengers.. an emergency landing of a South Korean plane. an emergency landing.. Neymar’s plane causes panic in Brazil, the agency stated. The Japanese said, “The plane was heading from Narita Airport near Tokyo to Fukuoka, without any news of any injuries.” NHK quoted the police as saying that “a bomb threat may have caused the emergency landing,” while the airline did not comment on the incident. Following the accident, authorities suspended landing and take-off operations at the airport, which is located in the heart of Japan’s industrial Aichi region.

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