Bridgestone’s moon-inspired suggestions

Eastern tire maker Bridgestone Corp. believes the tires it be increasing for moon rovers would possibly well abet with recent suggestions for projects closer to house.

January 22, 2023 06:50 AM

Eastern tire maker Bridgestone Corp. is increasing tires for use by crewed rovers on the moon. The tires are metal and airless, designed to withstand the moon’s coarse temperatures, rocky terrain and cosmic radiation better than mature tires. Since the moon surface is roofed in a layer of incredibly resplendent sand, Bridgestone opted for a double-tire structure with two tires linked to every wheel — cherish on good trucks here on Earth. That ends in a contact patch repute roughly six times that of long-established passenger vehicle tires, considering tension to be dispersed across a larger surface. Bridgestone believes that some of its lunar solutions will abet it manufacture recent suggestions for stepped forward ideas here at house.

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