Britain is developing with Italy and Japan new generation fighters


Britain is developing with Italy and Japan new generation fighters

Britain, along with Italy and Japan, is developing new generation combat aircraft to enhance the capabilities of the alliance by 2035.

And British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced, on Friday, that the defense partnership between his country and both Rome and Tokyo will ensure the superiority of Britain and the allies over “those who seek to harm us,” according to the British news agency “BA Media”.

London wants the planes, which are to be called Tempest, to take to the skies by 2035 as a successor to the RAF’s Typhoon.

Britain aspires to enhance the capabilities of aircraft developed under the Global Air Combat Program (GCEP), including drones, advanced sensors and advanced weapons.

For his part, Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada expressed, at a press conference in the capital, Tokyo, his hope that this time our cooperation will become the basis for peace and stability in the European regions and the Indian and Pacific regions, according to the Japanese Kyodo news Agency.

He added that before reaching the agreement, “the three countries held discussions under the policy that Japan will lead the development process.”

Japan plans to deploy 100 aircraft in 2035 to replace the Air Self-Defense Force’s F-2 fighter jets, which will begin to be retired in the same year, according to Japanese government officials.

To facilitate arms exports, the Japanese government is expected to seek to revise its strict rules regarding the export of defense equipment when it updates its national security policy next week.

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