Cavender Auto Family provides Subaru, Chevy and Buick-GMC dealerships

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Cavender Auto Family, in its most up-to-date acquisition, added Subaru, Chevy and Buick-GMC dealerships, better than doubling its dealership depend in Oklahoma.


Hudiburg moved the Subaru dealership from Oklahoma City to its fresh dispute, a new facility, closing January.

Rising Cavender Auto Family expanded its presence in Oklahoma, which it entered this year, with its most up-to-date acquisition.

Cavender Auto Family, of San Antonio, on Dec. 12 sold Hudiburg Chevrolet and Hudiburg Buick-GMC, each and every in Midwest City, and Hudiburg Subaru in Norman, from Hudiburg Auto Team of workers, Cavender Auto Family CEO Stephen Cavender confirmed to Automotive Recordsdata in an e-mail.

Midwest City is east of Oklahoma City, the dispute’s capital, whereas Norman, dwelling to the College of Oklahoma, is south of Oklahoma City.

The shops had been renamed Self belief Chevrolet, Self belief Buick-GMC and Cavender Subaru of Norman, Stephen Cavender acknowledged.

“The Hudiburg family has a 65-year tradition of automobile excellence and buyer provider in Oklahoma,” Stephen Cavender acknowledged in a press liberate. “David Hudiburg and his family had been top-performing auto sellers for a variety of years.”

Stephen Cavender infamous that Hudiburg Auto Team of workers level-headed owns a Ford dealership in Wellston, Okla.

Hudiburg moved the Subaru dealership from Oklahoma City to its fresh dispute, a new facility, closing January, Stephen Cavender acknowledged.

It’s currently Cavender Auto Family’s easiest retailer for the Jap impress. Nonetheless, the Cavender group has partnered with Julie Herrera, vendor main of the group’s Toyota of Cedar Park retailer in Texas, for a Subaru launch point dealership. That retailer, City Limits Subaru in Buda, Texas, south of Austin, is below construction and is slated to launch next tumble, Stephen Cavender infamous.

Cavender Auto Family now has 5 dealerships in Oklahoma after procuring Ford dealerships in Norman and Oklahoma City in Would possibly maybe presumably furthermore neutral, which became its most up-to-date acquisition before this, Stephen Cavender confirmed. The group now has 17 dealerships across Texas and Oklahoma, plus one Polaris retailer.

Cavender Auto Family ranks No. 57 on Automotive Recordsdatachecklist of the highest 150 dealership teams based fully in the U.S., retailing 15,609 new vehicles in 2021.

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