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Nov 25

Tremendous important person data from China – Singer, rapper (invent of), actor Kris Wu sentenced to 13 yrs in jail for raping fans & ‘community licentiousness’. He will be deported to Canada after serving his sentence (now no longer that virtually all Canadians like heard of him). Wu became THE gigantic ⭐️ sincere a few yrs ago ConveyConvey

Laborious to overstate how gigantic Kris Wu became sincere a few years aid. He became all over, on adverts flogging products, on the ‘China has Hip Hop’ narrate etc. Quite equivalent to fellow Canadian Bieber maybe? Nonetheless with much less global allure

Collectively with to Kris Wu’s woes – he’s being fined 600 million yuan (84 million USD) for tax evasion: Convey

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Oct 22

Li Keqiang is off the following Politburo standing committee, despite some speculation he’d dwell on despite losing the Premier title (eg. watch below). His establish is now no longer amongst the 205 people of the contemporary Central Committee released this day:

Nonetheless potentially a bigger shock – Politburo standing committee member Wang Yang’s establish is now no longer amongst the contemporary central committee too. Both he and Li are 67… an age in total younger adequate to cease on. For these wondering, Xi Jinping’s establish is there…

One amongst essentially the most high profile Chinese language politicians – the man with the famed tucked-arm handshake Wang Yi is staying on – His establish is amongst the 205 central committee people announced this day. Will Wang now develop into China’s high foreign affairs figure with the retirement of Yang Jiechi?

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Oct 20

Ma Zhaoxu, a CCP Foreign Affairs loyal:

“Total Secretary Xi Jinping is a Marxist statesman and strategic thinker with renowned political data, very impartial correct theoretical foresight and a profound global imaginative and prescient.” – “He explores deep into humanity’s future” Convey

Ma, a senior Communist Celebration foreign affairs loyal, on Taiwan:

“We like gained over 9 nations that the Taiwan authorities claim to like so-known as diplomatic relations with”.

The ‘anti-China forces’ getting an early cry out from Ma as successfully as the contemporary buzzword ‘dignity’:

“We like defeated a chain of assaults by anti-China forces to malign China, now we like assemble China’s dignity.”
“We like develop into an unfailing defender of in a single other nation Chinese language interests’

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Oct 16

On the speech outset, after frequent language on socialist trend, Xi listed main achievements:

Covid – “We set apart folks and lives first & launched an all-out folks’s warfare in opposition to the virus”.

On HK: “Patriots now administer HK”

On diplomacy: :We like upheld China’s dignity”

Xi checklist a decade of achievements: Manned space flights, supercomputers… “China has joined the ranks of the enviornment’s innovators”. Most tantalizing though he says GDP per capital has gone from 39k cny to 81k cny in ten years.

‘We like ran a proactive formulation of opening up’… he’s talking about Belt and Street essentially…. but given the borders are closed, China’s web great more walled off than ten years ago … Or now no longer it is a remarkable argument to construct.

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Jul 20, 2021

1/3 Some surely distressing movies coming out of Zhengzhou in central China – this driver appears to be like rather quiet below stress. Nonetheless a formulation of films on WeChat narrate what appear to be folks clearly struggling to uncover their heads above the flood waters. Demise toll so some distance is 1, 2 missing

2/3: A girl rescued in flood waters in Zhengzhou, Henan (video from WeChat).

3/3: More phenomenal scenes from the floods in central China – commuters on the Zhengzhou subway. There are a formulation of films circulating on WeChat that narrate folks in even worse predicaments – appears to be like very negative flooding.

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