Chinese painter Fan Yang .. paintings documenting the rise of the nation


Chinese painter Fan Yang .. paintings documenting the rise of the nation

Fan Yang is one of the elite contemporary Chinese landscape painters, recording decades of changes in the country with his brush.

Fan Yang used traditional techniques to depict major historical events in the country, and during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, he presented 70 works to highlight the remarkable achievements of the Chinese team.

Fan Yang reviewed his memories with these paintings in statements to China International Television “CGTN”, saying: “What I painted about Su Yiming is the moment he won the gold medal, it is wonderful.” He adds, “I also painted Gu Ai Ling, and named the painting: Great Leap in the Air.”

He continued, “I also painted the moment when Wu Da Jing crossed the finish line at the Beijing Winter Olympics. It was the first gold medal for the Chinese team. In addition to all that, I drew the Shougang skydiving platform.”

“At that time, TV screens and newspapers talked about the 4K and 8K broadcast truck, and I found it very interesting,” Fan Yang said. I drew it right away.”

He pointed out that “the painting was not large, but it records the moment the production truck, which was painted in the color of the Chinese flag, entered the arena of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.”

The Chinese painter pointed out that people always talk about the importance of telling Chinese stories well on the international stage, so I thought of telling Chinese stories on the occasion of Beijing’s hosting of the Olympic Games.

In 2017, Fan Yang held an exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland, entitled “Strength and Beauty: An Exhibition of Fan Yang’s Work on Sports and Aesthetics”, thus becoming the first Chinese painter to hold a solo exhibition there.

Speaking of being honored during the Beijing Winter Olympics, Yang said: One day before the official mascots of the Games debuted, Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, came to Beijing and organized a small but solemn award ceremony, placing the Coubertin medal on my neck himself. I was very excited and moved, and I felt inspired to continue my work.”

Chinese painter Fan Yang revealed that his painting about the city of Fenghuang, which was mentioned in the novel by the great writer Shen Zongwen, took him about eight hours, adding: “I am very satisfied with doing this about this mysterious city in rain and fog.”

He continued, “In 2021, I painted a painting of the Zhangke River, which was part of the Yilang Kingdom during the Han Dynasty, on a visit to Guizhou to draw drawings of nature. It took about three hours to paint this painting.”

Fan Yang explains the nature of his social role, saying, “We are not just painters working in the field of painting. We pay close attention to contemporary society, the new era and the Belt and Road. That is why I painted two huge paintings and named them: People Driving Chariots.”

He added, “I was very excited when I created it using traditional Chinese painting techniques, similar to the painting method used in ancient murals such as the Yongle Palace murals and the Dunhuang murals.

“I have another painting on the same theme called ‘A Bunch of Grapes Bathing in Sunshine’,” Yang said, “which is a scene of local Uygur people harvesting abundant grapes while enjoying a happy and prosperous life, which is also a landscape along the Belt and Road.”

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