Consequences of Sweden's shock.. Belmadi flirts with Aouar and threatens the historic star


Consequences of Sweden’s shock.. Belmadi flirts with Aouar and threatens the historic star

Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi took advantage of his squad’s 2-0 friendly defeat against Sweden to send clear messages.

The first message relates to Houssem Aouar, the Lyon midfielder, who has not finally decided his position on playing for the Algerian national team instead of France.

For many months, the Algerian Football Association has been searching for a settlement of Houssem Aouar’s file, in order to fill the terrible void left by Sofiane Feghouli.

Jamal Belmadi spoke during the press conference after the Sweden match, saying: “The press asks me about Aouar, and I see that if he is with us in the future, he will certainly meet our urgent need in the middle of the field, where he is able to link between defense and attack.” .

He added, “I do not say that matters have been settled with him, and that he will join us, but I answer according to the quality of the question posed to me. If he is with us, he will certainly represent a qualitative addition to the Algerian national team.”

Jamal Belmadi, in a separate context, sent a clear threatening message to his attacker, Islam Soleimani (the historic scorer for the Algerian national team), hinting that he was not satisfied with his level.

And he added, “Regarding the attack, and bringing in a replacement for Soleimani, I would like to remind you that we have Andy Delores, who was absent from this preparatory camp due to injury, and certainly he is in our main accounts.”

In the same regard, the Al-Khader coach announced the possibility of Baghdad Bounedjah returning to his squad, saying: “There is also Bounedjah, who I did not completely cross out from my accounts, and I believe that he possesses the pride that allows him to return to the fore and regain his position with us, and he remained certain that he had not said his last word yet.” “.

And he concluded sarcastically: “If there is an Algerian striker who plays at a high level, and we did not give him the opportunity because we were not aware of that or because of a lack of observation on the part of the technical staff, then you can kindly introduce me to him to give him the opportunity.”

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