Crazy Claire Foy .. a young man chasing the heroine of “Queen Elizabeth”

Claire Foy’s crazy art.. A young man chasing the heroine of “Queen Elizabeth series” A man was sentenced to suspended prison for harassing British actress Claire Foy, who played the role of Elizabeth II in her youth, in the series “The Crown”. Jason Penrose, 49, sent thousands of e-mails to the 38-year-old actress, until he once came to her home. After the sharp criticism.. “Netflix” adds to “The Crown” a new warning, and in November, Penrose admitted that he committed these acts between August 2021 and February 2022. He also admitted that he had violated a decision prohibiting him from harassing the actress, by sending him a letter and expulsion. Claire Foy, who starred in the first two seasons of The Crown. “I feel like I’ve lost the freedom I had before Penrose harassed me,” the actress wrote in a statement read out during the session, adding, “I see the world in a way that involves great fear.” On Friday, Jason Penrose was sentenced to a year and 10 months in prison, suspended, with deportation to the United States. The ruling attached the obligation for Penrose, who suffers from schizophrenia and paranoia, to undergo treatment with a psychiatrist as long as he is in the United Kingdom. He must also cooperate fully with the authorities regarding the procedures for his deportation to the United States. He indicated in court that he would travel to Florida to live with his mother and receive psychiatric treatment. Penrose has been prohibited from communicating or attempting to communicate with the actress, and must remain at least 100 meters away from her wherever she is present. Judge David Aronberg expressed concern at the idea of ​​Penrose remaining “in love with Claire Foy”, even though she had told him several times that she did not want to communicate with him. The judge explained that Foy had become, as a result of this harassment, “she feels afraid when the bell rings at her house,” noting that she “told the police that she was afraid to leave her house for fear of being followed” by Penrons.

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