“Danuri” .. the first vehicle of South Korea to successfully enter the lunar orbit

Science and Space “Danori”… South Korea’s First Lunar Orbiter Successfully Entered the Moon’s Orbit “Danuri” South Korea’s first lunar orbital vehicle successfully entered the lunar orbit to carry out the planned mission. This comes two days earlier than expected. Emirati explorer “Rashid” enters lunar orbit.. and sends his first message The South Korean Aeronautics and Space Institute said, on Wednesday, that the “Danuri” spacecraft has finally entered lunar orbit, and is currently orbiting the moon, according to Yonhap news Agency. This was achieved after 3 rounds of lunar orbit insertion maneuvers since the first time it was conducted on December 17. The spacecraft will measure the topography, magnetic force, gamma rays and other features of the lunar surface using six instruments on board during its year-long mission, which begins in January. The probe will also identify potential landing sites for future lunar missions.

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