Dismissal of Deri .. Will he appoint his son as a minister in the government of Israel?

The policy of isolating Deri.. Will he appoint his son as a minister in the Israeli government? Updated Thursday 1/19/2023 12:47 AM Abu Dhabi time The leader of the Israeli right-wing “Shas” party, Aryeh Deri, is heading to appoint his son as a minister, after the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate his appointment as Minister of Interior and Health. These indications became clear after Yankee Deri wrote, immediately after the court’s decision, on his Twitter account, that: “A stranger will not sit on his chair.” The Israeli newspaper “Maariv” said: “It seems that Deri is expected to choose his son to replace him as Minister of the Interior.” He is a member of the Board of Directors of the World Zionist Organization, and head of the Department of Relations with Communities and Resource Mobilization in the “Shas” party. The newspaper added, “It seems that Moshe Bar Siman Tov, who was recently re-appointed as director general of the Ministry of Health, is expected to replace Deri and be appointed as a minister in the ministry,” that is, health. In this regard, the Public Authority for Israeli Broadcasting said: “One of the ideas that arose in response to the ruling was to appoint an alternative, for example, the person who was to be appointed Director General of the Ministry of Health, Moshe Bar Siman Tov, is now being nominated for the position of Minister of Health. In the Interior Ministry, the candidates for this position are Ariel Attias, son of Shas chairman Yankee Deri, and Moshe Arbel.” The Supreme Court earlier ruled by 10 votes to one that Shas chairman Aryeh Deri is not qualified to serve as a government minister. The judges wrote in their decision that Deri’s appointment does not fall within the reasonable range to a large extent, and that the amendment that was introduced to the Basic Law was flawed, which allowed this appointment, and therefore considers it null and void. For his part, Deri commented on the court’s decision to cancel his appointment to a ministerial position by saying: “I have no doubt that this decision will have a good end.” He added, in a meeting with his party leaders at his home in West Jerusalem, that he intends to study the issue in the coming days and make decisions about his future steps. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at Deri’s home to express his solidarity with him after the court’s decision. “When my brother is in trouble, I go to him,” Netanyahu said. However, Netanyahu hopes that the “Shas” party will not withdraw from the government, because that would bring it down. Earlier, members of the “Shas” party threatened that the party would not remain in the government if the Supreme Court decided to cancel Deri’s appointment. However, Israeli media assessed that this threat was nothing more than an attempt to influence the Supreme Court’s decision. Decisions of the Supreme Court cannot be appealed as the highest judicial body in Israel. The judicial advisor to the Israeli government said that Netanyahu should cancel Deri’s appointment as minister after the court’s decision. Many Israeli circles estimated that Netanyahu would agree to appoint Ibn Deri as Minister of the Interior. Deri had pledged during his last trial on the background of tax violations that he would not return to political life, and accordingly his sentence was reduced to a suspended prison sentence.

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