Dubai Police educate students about the public's obligations in stadiums

Dubai: «Gulf»

The Dubai Police General Command, represented by the “Your Commitment to Happiness” initiative, organized visits to a number of schools and educational institutions in Dubai, with the aim of educating students about the obligations of sports fans in stadiums, which are stipulated in Federal Law No. (8) of 2014 regarding the security of sports facilities and events. .

The initiative aims to instill positive and educational messages among all groups, whether players or fans, and consolidate the concepts of community partnership, in order to spread the principles of fair play and promote the principle of sportsmanship, calling for good morals and non-intolerance, and fair competition during cheerleading in matches.

The awareness team of the “Your Commitment to Happiness” initiative was keen to educate students on how to make the best use of social media, away from sports fanaticism, and the need to show sportsmanship, and to inform the public of its obligations and duties in accordance with the federal law regarding the security of sports facilities and events.

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