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MAKKAH: Khaled Mohammed Al-Mutlaq has grown to become his passion into art within the governorate of Hafr Al-Batin in northeastern Saudi Arabia.

As a child Al-Mutlaq modified into fascinated by art and calligraphy, including drawings and fonts.

Al-Mutlaq acknowledged: “My Americans had been the key to supporting me to develop that. My passion continued till I joined secondary college in Al-Muftaha Village within the city of Abha. The village modified into founded for culture, art and heritage, and from there modified into the categorical foundation of growing the hobby via learning more about art schools there and attending workshops.”

There were many visual artists within the iconic village and Al-Mutlaq participated in numerous exhibitions held there within the summertime for 3 years.

After that, the artistic experiments and participation continued. I did now not lose take a look at of my passion for Arabic calligraphy, devoting daily efforts and long hours till I obtained a license in Arabic calligraphy, in its six styles, from Arabic calligraphy professor Abbas Al-Baghdadi,” Al-Mutlaq acknowledged .

“I began my mission of integrating the aesthetics, which manner and originate of calligraphy with artworks,” Al-Mutlaq acknowledged.

Arabic calligraphy is characterised by a genuinely excessive cultural and heritage label and an Arabic depth in which the Holy Quran modified into printed. The Arabic calligraphy is neatly-known from all other writings by the presence of the long vowel, dots and short sound symbols that made the alphabet an art that strikes even when it is static,” he acknowledged.

He has participated in a lot of worldwide and local exhibitions, including “Between Civilization and Up to the moment” in Al-Muftaha Village in 2000. In 2005 he participated within the Arabic calligraphy exhibition on the King Abdulaziz Public Library, and the “Lamsat Wafaa” (“A Contact of Loyalty”) exhibition in Asir Save aside in 2017. Most now not too long within the past, he modified into section of the miniatures exhibition in Riyadh in 2022.

Al-Mutlaq won first jam within the Global Falcons Club competitors in visual art; He has also held several inner technical workshops.

He acknowledged that the variation between calligraphic checklist and visual checklist in Arabic calligraphy is that the extinct calligrapher relies on the imitation of letters in accordance with established rules. So the calligrapher works on the calligraphy checklist and its letters in potentially the most total manner that enables the artist to alter the rule for letters, their dimensions and their golden proportions of mass, dwelling and balance distribution. This adjustment is preceded by templates, experiences and abilities because letters occupy many forms, and the artist needs to make spend of the ultimate ones to total the work.”

Al-Mutlaq acknowledged that the visual calligraphy paintings fluctuate, as coloration and mass are section of the work. There’ll most seemingly be some freedom and dwelling in interconnection, composition and repetition. “Thus, I spend Arabic calligraphy with a level of interest on the particulars of the aesthetics of the Arabic letter within the visual paintings. As for art collectors, these works are more natty than traditional works. They also’re more natty for connoisseurs.”

He is currently engaged on his first solo exhibition.

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