Emirates Heritage Club organizes a lecture on the biography of Sheikh Zayed

Abu Dhabi: «Gulf»

The Emirates Heritage Club – Zayed Center for Studies and Research organized yesterday, Thursday, a virtual lecture within the “Reading in Emirati Publications” program. 1971)”, presented by historian and academic researcher Dr. Hamdan Al-Dari, who reviewed through it what was contained in his book published in 2005 with the same name.

Al-Derei began the lecture by talking about the motives that led him to write down the biography of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, noting that Zayed’s noble and strong personality and leadership qualities were among the most important motives for writing the book, indicating that he benefited from British documents as a reference for the book. .

Al-Derei dealt with the roots of Sheikh Zayed’s unitary thought and his philosophy of union, stressing that he “may God rest his soul in peace” believed in the importance of union with the approaching British withdrawal from the region, as British documents mention a meeting between him and the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed in 1962, in which they discussed the idea of ​​union. from that early time.

He recounted a historical background on the scene of events in that period, and the regional and global situation that led to Britain’s decision to voluntarily withdraw from the region. He also dealt with the factors that qualified Sheikh Zayed to play his major role in the march of the union, such as his upbringing and his early experience in governance as a representative of the ruler of Abu Dhabi, and his important and pioneering initiatives in Agriculture, education and economics that refined his outstanding leadership personality.

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