For Toyota dealers, sales process certain is acquainted

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Steve Gates, Toyota dealer council chairman, said he has been selling Toyota autos since he became as soon as a senior in high college, and the newest sales process looks surprisingly acquainted to him.

January 22, 2023 06:49 AM

Steve Gates, Toyota dealer council chairman, took reservations 50 years within the past.

As any individual who has been selling unique Toyotas for greater than 50 years, Steve Gates said he never would glean believed that he and his fellow mark dealers will glean had as powerful success as they did closing year with so few autos in stock.

“I became as soon as completely determined, when this all started, I opinion I needed to jump off a bridge ensuing from I did not mediate that there became as soon as any manner that we may perchance maybe live on with nearly no inventory,” said Gates, dealer main of Gates Auto Family, a neighborhood of 11 rooftops in Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana that involves three Toyota stores.

Gates is a dealer council broken-down but is taking his first scuttle as a boss, with the Toyota Nationwide Vendor Advisory Council. He’s also a conventional chairman of the American Global Automotive Sellers Affiliation. Gates said he has been selling Toyotas since he became as soon as a senior in high college, and the newest sales process looks surprisingly acquainted.

“My dad grew to alter into a Toyota dealer in 1970, and here’s the manner we provided autos,” Gates recalled. “I became as soon as selling Toyotas, and we’d say reservations with pride, and with a $25 deposit, after which we would await the auto to strategy in. Nevertheless there glean been no computers, obviously, so we did not know when the auto became as soon as going to near, and we the truth is couldn’t provide any files. I guess in this alternate, history consistently repeats itself.”

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Gates said he and diversified Toyota dealers are eagerly waiting for the appearance of the Extensive Highlander, an even bigger three-row crossover that will debut at next month’s Chicago Auto Prove. He said it would enable Toyota dealers to glean customers with rising families who need to not attracted to a minivan but glean outgrown the newest Highlander.

“Our Highlander shouldn’t be always ample enough” for some families, and the body-on-frame Sequoia beautiful SUV may perchance maybe honest no longer fit all people’s tastes, he said. An even bigger three-row crossover is “lengthy overdue, and customers can not await it to secure here.”

An unabashed fan of the mark and the manner it the truth is works in partnership with its dealers, Gates said he needs to listen to on getting unique dealers enthusiastic and invested within the dealer council process.

“I’d treasure to secure younger dealers fascinated with dealer council ensuing from it is very well-known,” Gates said. “We don’t desire guys that are 70 years conventional on dealer council — we need 30-year-conventional dealers. And in relate that is one among the things I hope in relate to create, is convince males and ladies people to secure fascinated with dealer council.”

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