Fred P. Brooks has handed away


Unhappy news from

— Fred P. Brooks, the founder and long-time chair of the division (and a major influence on my educated outlook) handed away about a hours within the past.

Additionally the creator of ‘The Legendary Man-Month’ and an right pioneer within the realm. He’ll be omitted. 😕

An influence on many educated careers!

I develop not get I ever met him, but he with out a doubt influenced my profession too. So sorry to hear this news.

Got an MS there in 1979. Even then, we disagreed on politics, but he became a massive trainer and made the CS division what it is as of late.

Studying him within the Eighties became humbling, in that he had realized Two decades prior what I became precise initiating to study.Salute!

Very unhappy news. In actuality a legend within the realm and an inspiration to many. :-(RIP, Dr. Brooks.

Sorry to hear that. Condolences.

The Legendary Man Month came up most step by step as soon as we grasp been making an are attempting to be conscious it wicked. We by no formula did:)

I grasp needed to introduce a form of americans to all of it by the final decade, largely to lead them faraway from mistakes that they made anyway on memoir of they plan it became outdated-well-liked.

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