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Ghostly is a easy, mild-weight, and mercurial fat-stack framework for Golang


Ghostly is a easy, mild-weight, and mercurial fat-stack framework for Golang


Object Relation Mapper (ORM) that is database agnostic

A fully functional Database Migration system

A fully featured user authentication system that shall be installed with a single show, which contains:

A password reset system

Session basically basically based authentication (for net basically basically based applications)

Token basically basically based authentication (for APIs and programs constructed with entrance ends cherish React and Vue)

A fully featured templating system (the usage of each Skedaddle templates and Jet templates)

A total caching system that supports Redis and Badger

Straightforward session administration, with cookie, database (MySQL and Postgres), Redis shops

Straightforward response kinds for HTML, XML, JSON, and file downloads

Invent validation

JSON validation

A total mailing system which supports SMTP servers, and third birthday celebration APIs including MailGun, SparkPost, and SendGrid

A show line application which enables for straightforward expertise of emails, handlers, database items

the show line application will permit us to execute a ready-to-bolt net application by tying a single show: ghostly new


There is protection and CI for each Linux, Mac and Windows environments, but I ticket no ensures relating to the bin version working on Windows.Can like to aloof be Skedaddle version 1.17 or higher


As a library

go get github.com/dominic-wassef/[email protected]

or whenever you occur to would cherish to make spend of it as a bin show I will listing the say steps under:

Step 1.Rep a workfolder to your Desktop and cd into it

Step 2.Clone the repository

git clone [email protected]:Dominic-Wassef/ghostly.git

Step 3.cd into itemizing and manufacture the binary with the Makefile at root level of the ghostly project

Step 4.cd into the dist itemizing of the ghostly application and replica it to your Desktop


As soon as above steps had been followed, you can repeat all ghostly show by going to your Desktop and poke:

Making a brand new project:

./ghostly new $("PROJECT-NAME")

Then cd into your newly made Skedaddle project:

Trail the project by the usage of the makefile to your new project itemizing

Listed below are the sorts for the Ghostly Framework

type Ghostly struct {AppName       stringDebug         boolVersion       stringErrorLog      *log.LoggerInfoLog       *log.LoggerRootPath      stringRoutes        *chi.MuxRender        *render.RenderSession       *scs.SessionManagerDB            DatabaseJetViews      *jet.Setconfig        configEncryptionKey stringCache         cache.CacheScheduler     *cron.CronMail          mailer.MailServer        Server}

Below kinds are for Server and Config:

type Server struct {ServerName stringPort       stringSecure     boolURL        string}type config struct {port        stringrenderer    stringcookie      cookieConfigsessionType stringdatabase    databaseConfigredis       redisConfig}

For fat documentation please consult with the package deal on:Ghostly Documentation


The fat library ghostly used to be written by Dominic-Wassef

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