Guardian.. an electronic application that contributes to the rescue of the kidnapped

“Guardian” technology.. an electronic application that contributes to the rescue of the kidnapped Updated Sunday 1/1/2023 10:25 PM Abu Dhabi time An American software developer has succeeded in developing a new application that helps to reach missing or kidnapped people faster. Elizabeth Smart, an American programmer, developed the application that helps reach missing or kidnapped people, after she suffered from a kidnapping experience as a child before she was freed, according to, a website that specializes in technology issues. Smart launched the Guardian app in the United States to help families locate any missing family members. When a person is discovered missing, the Guardian user sends an immediate alert to other users in the vicinity, which means that the process of searching for the missing person begins as soon as possible, which helps in speeding up access to him. “The faster a disappearance is reported, the greater the chances that it will be found quickly,” says Smart. Under European pressure, Apple is preparing to provide alternative app stores on the iPhone and iPad, and confirms that the Guardian application is not intended to be a competitor to the missing persons reporting system, Amber Alert, which Smart began working with years ago after being rescued from kidnapping, but the Amber Alert system adheres to Specific criteria that must be met before a report of a disappearance can be sent. For example, the missing person must not be more than 17 years old, and there must be evidence that he is in danger, and law enforcement agencies must have sufficient information about the disappeared child in order to issue a report, and the child’s name and personal information must be entered into the National Crime Information Center . A decision by Google for developers of Android applications regarding electronic payment, and this means that the Guardian application can also be used in emergency situations to search for people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, in addition to suspected cases of kidnapping.

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