Gunmen are killing the population of Nigeria.. kidnapping and intimidation


Gunmen are killing the population of Nigeria.. kidnapping and intimidation

Nigerian gunmen kidnapped about 60 people, most of them women, as part of the latest in a series of kidnappings in the African country.

The kidnapping took place Thursday in a remote area of ​​Zamfara state, northwest Nigeria, and while the residents were in a religious ceremony, a convoy of motorcycles driven by gunmen surprised them and kidnapped the hostages.

According to two eyewitnesses from local residents, armed men riding motorcycles came to Magami Tando village in Kaura Namuda district on Wednesday evening and fired a hail of bullets.

While local sources say that 19 people were killed a day earlier in an attack by gunmen on the town of Ryuji in the government district of Zormi in the state located in contact with Kaura Namuda.

Kidnappings like this have become commonplace in light of the spread of armed gangs across northwest Nigeria, often motivated by theft or ransom to free the abductees.

The continuation of the kidnappings raises concerns about the possibility of the residents of the region being able to vote in the event that the time comes for the presidential elections next February, in which Nigerians are waiting for the ballot to choose a new president to succeed Muhammadu Buhari, who is prevented by constitutional requirements from running for an additional term.

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