Hackers freeze the Revolutionary Guards Agency.. Iranian failure to confront the intrusion


Hackers freeze the Revolutionary Guards Agency.. Iranian failure to confront the intrusion

Attempts by the Fars news Agency affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard failed, on Saturday, to restore its website, which was subjected to a cyberattack hours ago.

Fars news Agency said, in its second statement, seen by Al-Ain news correspondent in Tehran: “After the complex hacking operation and cyber attack that began on Friday evening, users’ access to the Fars news Agency website was disrupted,” adding: “From the first minutes, the artistic group identified The origin and method of infiltration of hackers and began to neutralize these attacks.”

The statement indicated that “cyberattacks on Fars news Agency are carried out almost non-stop and every day from different countries, including Israeli territory.”

And she noted that “Currently, the Fars news Agency website and its affiliated sites are supported by 500 devices and servers in 3 data centers, including the central data center of the news agency.”

Fars news Agency justified not reactivating its website again to “checking all these devices and servers and removing possible contamination,” noting that “this takes a long time and may cause problems for some of the news agency’s services for a few days.”

He continued, “In the latest attack, the intruders were only able to destroy information and news on Friday, and other information and databases are available to the news agency.”

And it considered that “the allegations related to deleting 250 terabytes of information or broadcasting a video called CCTV are not true and have nothing to do with Fars news Agency, and additional news will be sent at a later time.”

In contrast, the hacking group Black Reward announced, in a statement, that it had deleted approximately 250 terabytes of data from all of the agency’s servers and computers.

The group indicated that this penetration came for the sake of “women, life, freedom” and for the sake of Mahsa Amini, the young Kurdish woman who died after being arrested by the morality police forces in Tehran in mid-September.

The death of Mahsa Amini sparked a wave of anger and protests targeting the head of the Iranian regime, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and those ongoing protests resulted in the killing of more than 440 demonstrators by security forces.

On Friday evening, a hacker group called Black Reward hacked Fars news Agency, posting a picture of the ongoing protests on its front page.

The intruders accused Fars news Agency of “spreading lies and rumors and creating cases against the Iranian people,” stressing that they had seized this agency’s information and deleted it from their servers.

This hacker group claims to have obtained “secret news bulletins to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,” according to information obtained from Fars news Agency.

According to this statement, in addition to classified releases sent to Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards, the compromised data includes all recorded calls, information on internal portals related to administrative conversations, news folders, photo archives, and financial documents of the agency.

The hacking group claims to have deleted approximately 250 terabytes of Fars news Agency information from all of its servers.

Earlier, Black Reward said it had breached information of the parent company of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant and published documents and detailed information on Iran’s nuclear activities.

Iranian government agencies are exposed to successive security breaches in the current protests, and Iranian state television has been hacked once.

In the past weeks, Black Reward also hacked into the emails of managers and employees of the Iranian government-affiliated Press TV news channel, obtaining their personal information.

This hacker group, which considers itself “part of the Iranian hacker community” and works “to confront and destroy the criminal clerical regime,” demanded that Press TV correspondents be “the voice of the people.”

Earlier, Black Reward hacked the emails of employees of Al-Zahra University and the Medico-Legal Authority and asked them to agree with the protesters.

This group also hacked the websites of some universities and other government offices, such as the Maskan Foundation and the Iranian Atomic Energy Development Company.

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