Harry destroys himself.. he boasts about killing Taliban militants and military scolds him

Harry’s policy is destroying himself.. he boasts about killing Taliban militants and military scolding him. Prince Harry admitted killing 25 members of the Afghan Taliban during his military service within the British Royal Air Force in Afghanistan. Prince Harry’s confessions were revealed by leaked parts of his “Spear” memoirs, to be released this January. And Harry, who was known as “Captain Wells” in the army, revealed in his diary that he did not think of the dead as people but instead as “chess pieces” that he pulled off the board. The Duke of Sussex, who flew on his second tour in an Apache attack helicopter, said: “It didn’t please him but it also didn’t make him feel ashamed.” Harry was stationed in Afghanistan in 2007, 2008 and 2012. Harry continues to bomb Buckingham: We begged my dad not to marry Camilla In his memoirs, Prince Harry said he traveled on six missions that resulted in “the loss of human life”. While soldiers do not know precisely how many enemies they killed in action, the duke wrote that “in the age of Apaches and laptops” he was able to “accurately” count the number of insurgents he killed. The prince was first stationed in Afghanistan’s Helmand province as a forward air controller in 2007, but his first stint was cut short when an Australian magazine breached a media embargo and accidentally broke the story. However, he returned in 2012 with a directive from the UK Ministry of Defense to keep the mission confidential, with the understanding that the media would allow him to carry out the job he was doing. After learning to fly Apache helicopters, Harry was deployed to Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan in 2012; where he stayed for 20 weeks. During his tour in 2012, Harry helped provide helicopter support for ISAF and Afghan forces operating throughout Helmand Province. But revealing the number of enemy militants he has killed increases fears for his personal safety. Prince Harry has long been seen as a terrorist target due to his royal status and military connections. This comes amid an ongoing legal battle with the UK Home Office over the failure to provide Harry and his family with full police protection when visiting the UK. But on the other hand, the prince’s disclosure was subject to great criticism. Former Royal Marines officer Ben McBain, who Harry described as a “hero” after losing an arm and a leg to a bomb during the war, called on the duke to “keep quiet”. While Colonel Bob Stewart – the Conservative MP who commanded British forces in Bosnia – criticized Harry’s comments, describing them as “distasteful”. Colonel Stewart asked, “Why does he do such things? .. Real soldiers tend to be ashamed.. The people I know don’t brag about such things.. They regret instead that they had to do it.” Stewart, who was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal after seven tours in Northern Ireland and commanded UN forces in Bosnia, concluded: “It is also sad that a man who has had all these advantages in life seems so intent on destroying himself and the monarchy.”

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