He described his country's army as an “enemy”. He revealed the accused of attacking 3 policemen in New York

Updated Tuesday 1/3/2023 10:54 AM Abu Dhabi time “An extremist describes his country’s army as an enemy.” Information revealed by the American police about the accused of attacking 3 policemen with a white weapon near Times Square. The American New York Times said, “The incident is linked to extremism,” and that the accused, 19-year-old Trevor Beckford, from Wales, Maine, faces charges including “attempted murder and assault on a young man,” and that he may face charges. Later charges of extremism. Secret documents.. Britain supported a plan to kill bin Laden before the September 11 attacks. New York police reveal the identity of the perpetrator of the Brooklyn attack.. and the hypothesis of terrorism exists. For its part, the New York Police Department said, in an e-mail, that “Bickford faces two counts of attempted murder, and two counts of attempted assault.” However, the police did not release any further details about future actions. This comes as the authorities confirmed that one of the injured officers had recently graduated from the police academy, and that he had suffered a skull fracture, while all the individuals were taken to hospital but were discharged on Monday. One of the officers shot the suspect in the shoulder, and he was arrested after that. He was taken to hospital for treatment and is still there. Before the attack, the newspaper reported, Pickford wrote a farewell message to his family in his journal. Citing a law enforcement official, the newspaper said, “Bickford said in his memoirs about his brother, who joined the US Army, that he wore the uniform of the enemy.”

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