How did the scandalous acts move to the top of the bridge?

Society How did the scandalous acts move to the top of the bridge?.. “Al-Ain news” puts its hand on the treatment methods Updated Sunday 1/1/2023 10:22 PM Abu Dhabi time The security services in Egypt arrested a young man and a girl who practiced a scandalous act at the top of a link The Rawd Al-Farag axis in the capital, Cairo, after a video clip of them spread on social media, which caused a violent attack on them. During their statements, the young man and the girl admitted that they had been living a love story for years, and their emotional encounters were numerous, away from the eyes of the family, during which they exchanged love, but they committed the scandalous act on the bridge without knowing the legal consequences of that. The developments of the “Cairo Bridge video”.. The Egyptian authorities seize the young man and the girl. Investigations revealed that the girl, “N.K.”, was born in 2004, and that the young man, “YM,” was born in 2005, a year younger than the girl, and that they are still in high school and reside in the Sharabia area. north of Cairo. The young man and the girl confirmed that they decided to go out for a walk and walk on the coastal bridge near their area of ​​residence, and they made love until they were caught by the phone camera of a resident of the real estate located next to the bridge and overlooking it. For its part, the Public Prosecution Office ordered the summoning of the families of the young man and girl, in preparation for their deportation to the Juvenile Prosecution Office. Al-Ain news surveyed the opinions of a number of experts in the fields of psychology, sociology and religion, to answer the question that imposed itself: “How did immoral acts move from the bottom of the bridge to the top?” from people’s eyes? An individual incident Sheikh Talaat Muslim, the Islamic preacher, says that this incident is an individual incident and not a phenomenon, so we cannot consider an incident that occurred once or twice as a societal phenomenon. Muslim added, in a special statement to Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya, that the existence of these actions is a disgusting thing, because some animals refuse to practice it in the street and in public, as well as being a human being who has been honored by God Almighty. And Muslim added: “The one who is afflicted with the affliction of disobedience must cover up, so that he will not be openly defying what God Almighty has ordained, because not concealing is a sin that may be greater than the sin itself.” Speaking out is big As for Dr. Sami Al-Assala, former director of religious inspection at the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments, he confirms that speaking out of sin is one of the great sins that kills hearts and eliminates modesty, so that sin spreads and its act is underestimated among individuals. Al-Asala explains, in a special statement to Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya, that openness is to show what God has concealed from the servant of his act of sin, such as bragging about it or disrespecting God’s concealment, adding that the Messenger of God (PBUH) said: (All of my nation is healthy except for those who speak out). And he continues: “The greatest of these sins is openly committed, and it means that a person commits a sin publicly, or commits it secretly, so God Almighty will cover it up, but he tells about it after that, underestimating God’s concealment of him.” Al-Assalah quotes Ibn Battal as saying: “In public disobedience, there is disregard for the right of God and His Messenger, and for the righteousness of the believers. A phenomenon is not new As for Dr. Saeed Sadiq, a professor of sociology at the American University in Cairo, he says that these incidents have existed for decades, but there were no phones or cameras to document them. Sadiq cites, in an exclusive statement to Al-Ain news, the movie “Love on the Pyramid Hill”, and that he presented a similar problem. Causes of the phenomenon Al-Assala confirms that among the causes of this phenomenon are bad companions, bad upbringing, lack of family interest, tense relations within the family, the spread of pornographic websites and degrading films, and the abandonment of parents at home and teachers at school from their educational role. And he adds: “This is in addition to their lack of observance of their dear Lord, so when the observance in their hearts became weak or non-existent, they dared to blame their innocence, so they declared their sins openly .. This is because of what we Muslims live today from a distance from God.” On the other hand, Sadiq believes that the crisis lies in the population increase, and the inability to raise such large numbers, in addition to the high costs of marriage, poverty, and lack of money. Sadiq considered this behavior a “clear sign of despair”, because they did not even think of doing this act in a hidden or dark area, but rather they did it in broad daylight and in full view of everyone. Sadeq considered that the two young men are victims of the social, cultural and economic conditions, and they have no hope for the future, stressing that if the upper classes want to unleash their sexual energies, they will empty them either through marriage or in closed places. As for the poor, the street is their first choice. Society’s intolerance Dr. Ahmed Al-Basousi, a consultant in psychiatry and addiction, takes a different path, as he expresses his sadness at the social media’s handling of the issue, saying: “I am disturbed by the breach of the cover and the delving into the two young men, and its impact on the two young men and their families.” Al-Basousi said, in an exclusive statement to Al-Ain news, that the social media’s handling of the issue reflected “primitive societal reactions,” because this incident “occurs hundreds of times daily in the Corniche and Mokattam.” Al-Basousi said that the two young men chose a secluded place at the top of the bridge, and what they did, the behavior of teenagers, reflects a deteriorating and bad reality. Al-Basousi added, “The case is simply a boy and a girl who took advantage of the dim lighting, and that the place is hidden from view as the cars passing by are less, because it is natural that no one will speak out in a public place, even in Europe.” Al-Basousi considered that focusing on such issues is a distraction from the economic conditions, our living conditions, and our social and cultural problems. He added: “How do we consider that two teenage boys break society? This means that we are a culturally and socially fragile society. We want a strong and enlightened society that solves its problems.” How to treat Sadiq believes that we have to solve the overpopulation crisis, because by solving it, marriage will be easy, because marriage is the natural place for unloading these sexual energies, and stresses the need to protect young people from feeling despair. On the other hand, Al-Assalah believes that the remedy lies in returning to good morals, saying: “We are suffering from a moral crisis, and the home, school and all institutions of upbringing must return to their role in education and guidance before education, and I focus on the role of parents and their concern for their children, as the orphan is not one of His parents finished the worries of life and left him humiliated, the orphan is the one who received him either abandoned or a busy father. As for Muslim, he believes that the treatment is to spread the spirit of faith in the hearts of young people, as the Messenger of God (PBUH) did with the young man who came to ask him for a license for adultery, so the Mustafa treated him psychologically, and said to him: Would you accept him for your mother? Would you like it for your sister? Would you accept it for your aunt? Would you accept it for your aunt?.. And the young man says: No, even if you hate fornication. He affirms that one of the remedies is the presence of a large media campaign on all media and social media, under the auspices of the state, to facilitate marriage for young people, with the aim of eliminating manifestations of moral deviation.

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