How does the Saudi victory plan to take advantage of the “coach” Cristiano Ronaldo?

Sports How does the Saudi victory plan to take advantage of the “coach” Cristiano Ronaldo? Officials of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club hope to benefit from the presence of Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo in various ways on the sporting level. The 37-year-old joined Al-Nasr on a free transfer this winter, after his contract with Manchester United was terminated last November. Al-Alamy concluded a historic deal by contracting with the historic football scorer, to appear with the team for the first time last Sunday, during Al-Nasr’s 1-0 victory over Al-Ettifaq. Behind the scenes of Cristiano Ronaldo’s first appearance with Al-Nasr.. from the sky to the tunnel (video) ESPN revealed Al-Nasr’s desire to develop the team at the sports level, drawing on Ronaldo’s tremendous experience in European stadiums. She indicated that Ronaldo came to Saudi Arabia with a list that includes the best exercises, which the club seeks to benefit from and implement during the coming period. Al-Nasr officials aim to turn the team into a powerful force in Saudi and Asian football alike. The Bayern Munich star’s headdress raises a satirical wave (photos), and Ronaldo is famous for his constant attachment to physical training, whether with the teams he played for or inside the gym at his home. The Portuguese legend has a strong physical structure, the result of his hard training for many years, which made him maintain his physical condition to a large extent, despite his advanced age.

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