HP Multi Jet Fusion Handbook

The HP 3D Printing MJF Handbook presents a top level knowing of Multi Jet Fusion know-how, files on presents, simplest practices to be definite facets are printed to specification, modern make alternatives, and extra. The Handbook combines reference, instruction, and inspiration for producing 3D-printed final facets at scale.

This white paper will support you keep:

  • Polyamide and polyurethane-basically based mostly presents, their properties, and superb applications for 3D printing.
  • How one can perform maximum accuracy and optimal appearance, required tolerances and permissible ranges of variation dimensions
  • Achieve concerns, suggestions, and calculations for assorted styles of snap-suits.
  • Orientation and positioning of facets to maximize mechanical properties as neatly as look for & in actuality feel.
  • Manufacturing of correct facets with little facets, advanced geometries, and purposeful assemblies.

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